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The Brewery


The Brewery started out as  a 2.5 barrel plant and was been built from parts sourced from far and wide.

The vessels came from Norfolk and had been manufactured in the early 1960's and used for 

most of their life for manufacturing chutney. They were then purchased by the previous owner 

who had a small vineyard and was going to use them to produce wine. But they stood around 

unused for around ten years until I acquired them in May 2009 for conversion into a microbrewery.


I sourced the 3 phase immersion heater for the hot liquor tank from Carlton Technology 

in Clay Cross who suggested I might contact Brendon at Iceni Brewery in Norfolk. 

Brendon was a great help and gave some good advice and supplied some difficult to 

source parts including the filter plate for the mash tun.


The brewery was coming along nicely I was insulating and wood cladding the HLT and Mash tun

and I built my own counterflow chiller for cooling the wort Heath Robinson style from 15mm and 

22mm copper pipe. I was hoping to be brewing Carnival Ale in time for the Barlow carnival 

in August when a planning issue came to light. The unit I was in only had B2 planning and not B1 

so a full planning application had to be submitted. While this was commencing the drain was 

dug and connected and all electrical work carried out, stock, casks, bottles etc were all ready to go. 

It was a long wait but planning permission was finally granted in January 2010, brewing commenced 

immediately with Barlow Black being the first brew.


One thing led to another and struggling to keep up with demand mid 2013 I aquired two more vessels

1000 and 1200 litre in size, these were converted into a hot liquor tank and copper giving a brewing

capacity of 5 barrels, a pad and floor drains were installed and the new kit came on line early in 2014.


Unit 6, Church Farm, Barlow, Dronfield, Derbyshire, S18 7TR

Tel: 0114 3603676  Mob: 07976 884703

Email: enquiries@barlowbrewery.co.uk